About me & this site

Hi. My name is Joan and I have been involved in providing cleaning services for commercial and residential customers for over 20 years. That’s when I started doing it for money. Prior to making cleaning my job, I spent over ten years helping my mother, sister, aunts and cousins to clean our homes and the home of my grandparents. It was during those days that I really began to get an understanding of how much of a difference in the quality of the cleaning job the right supplies can make. Back then, I had to use elbow grease and the techniques my elders taught me to get the place clean.

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When I was under ten years old, my mother and aunts wouldn’t let me use cleaning products. They taught me effective ways to get a room or automobile clean using brooms, cleaning rags and scrub brushes. Back then, I longed for the time I would be able to use the cleaning products my elders did to get sinks, counter tops, tubs, showers, commodes, walls, floors and automobiles spic and span. Even as a youngster I could see what a big difference the right cleaning products could make. As I saw my older relatives sprinkle a little bit of this or that and quickly make dirt, stains, grease and grime disappear with ease, I made up my mind to learn the tricks of the trade so I wouldn’t have to use as much elbow grease.

At 10, my mother began teaching me about the different types of cleansers that are best for cleaning different surfaces and types of stains. It made me feel like a grown up when she let me use detergents and cleaning solutions as we cleaned up at home and at my grandparents house. I especially loved it when my cleaning work earned me praise from my relatives. It made me pay even closer attention to what cleaning products to use and how to use them. It quickly became clear to me that the right cleaning products can make a big difference in cleaning even the dirtiest places quickly and easily.

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As a teenager I began using the cleaning skills I learned to earn a little money. I just loved the look on people’s faces when I used my cleaning supplies and the cleaning techniques I learned to make their homes or automobiles look better than they anticipated. Plus, getting money for my work put a big smile on my face as well. I began to make a mental note of which brands and types of cleaning supplies got the best results. As I began to get more cleaning work and higher pay, I realized cleaning homes and businesses could be a lucrative career. One that I would enjoy and do easily if I used the right cleaning products.

After high school I began working with a cleaning service company. They were impressed with my work and my knowledge of which cleaning products to use for specific tasks. Gradually I began to realize how much faster and easier my job became when I used the right cleaning products. So I began to do a little research on which products were the best to use for which task. I asked my mother, my aunts, some of the older people with whom I worked and even the people in the hardware stores I visited to purchase my cleaning supplies. Within a few years I had compiled a treasure trove of information.

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By the time I was 22 years old, I was considered a highly skilled, knowledgeable cleaning professional. Not only did I work for a cleaning company, I also had private clients for whom I did cleaning jobs for the holidays and other special occasions. Soon my co-workers, clients and friends were coming to me for advice on what cleaning products to use to get the best results. I began to realize I had information that could make people homes cleaner without them having to work too hard. I love helping people, so I started writing blog posts offering advice on using cleaning products.

Doing cleaning product reviews has been a labor of love. Plus, it’s pretty easy. I simply tell people what products I have tried and whether or not they work well. I’m not a saleswoman pushing any particular brands or products. I’m just someone who likes helping others. Plus, lots of people gave me information on cleaning products. Once I try it and see how well it works, I share the information with others who may want or need it. I had no idea I would have a career in cleaning services when I started gathering information on cleaning products. I hope the information I share about the products I use can help you personally and professionally.