Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Reviews

Keeping a clean home with a pet can be especially challenging. Even with daily dust mopping or sweeping and weekly deeper cleans, the stains,pet hair, dander and more can really add up. For deeper cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery a stronger suction, heating action machine is called for. While many people often rely on professional cleaning companies to do this once or twice a year, it is more effective and budget friendly to be able to do it for yourself on a more regular basis. The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro machines (Model 1986 and Model 1548) are two solid choices and come with many benefits.

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Reviews

In addition to the benefits to the pet owner and their home, a $10 donation is made to the Bissell Pet Foundation for every purchase of their pet rated products.

It is important to keep in mind that not every carpet cleaner or shampooer can get out every stain. This is true for home models as well as for professional cleaners. Set in stains and areas that have been repeatedly re-stained may not have perfect results. All carpet cleaners require diligent pre-treating and may require varying levels of effort on the part of the user. The time that it takes for a carpet or upholstery to dry may also vary from use to use. Drying times that are listed are a guideline and will not be exact. Always use common sense when using this or any other appliance. Keep children and pets away from the area as the water may leak and could lead to burns.

Only use the right cleaning solutions for your model and make sure that the tank has cooled before attempting to refill or empty it out. Allow the tank to dry thoroughly before storing the machine away.

The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean, Pet Pro, Full Size Carpet Cleaner (Model 1986)

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Model 1986The Max Clean Pet Pro is also available in bundle packages with several options including Febreze for odors and a Pet PreTreating spray. It is meant to really destroy deep down odors as well as surface odors and claims to be able to destroy the scent of skunks. There are a variety of Bissell sprays, pretreating formulas and cleaners to choose from but always read the labels to be sure that they are compatible with the machine itself.

Max Clean and Concentrated Cleaning

The Max Clean Pet Pro has several different cleaning modes to choose from. Each mode is meant for a different level of cleaning and each will have its own drying time. Max cleaning mode consists of 12 rows of rotating dirt lifting power brushes. It is specifically designed to fit under most furniture so that you do not need to move anything out of the way to get your entire carpet cleaned.

Concentrated cleaning mode is activated with the “Clean Shot” which allows you to send a concentrated stream of your chosen cleaning solution directly on to stains. The 3 inch wide 2-in-1 upholstery tool can be used to further break down and remove the stain on the carpet, stairs or upholstery.

Easy to Clean Up Machine

As any pet owner can attest, cleaning your carpet cleaners, vacuums and other tools can be as much of a struggle as cleaning the actual floors. Even with short haired pets, hair clogs and debris can make a machine lose suction and become less efficient. The Max Clean Pet Pro has an easy clean brush roll cover that simply lifts off so that you can thoroughly clean out the brushes after each cleaning session is finished without having to pull out the toolbox to get to it.

The Specific Features

The Max Clean Pet Pro machine weighs just under 20 pounds so it is manageable for the average pet owner. The upholstery tool is 3 inches wide and can be used on furniture, drapes and stairs. The cord is 25 feet long and the water tank holds 1 gallon of hot water to allow for maximum cleaning time without needed to refill. The Max Clean Pet Pro does not have an onboard heater for the water, however.

There is a 3 year, limited warranty on this product.

Is this a recommended carpet cleaner?

Bissell has a solid reputation in the industry and has continued to improve their machines over time, making them more efficient and easier to use in many ways. The Max Clean Pet Pro is a full sized carpet cleaning machine that is still light enough for the average person to manage without struggle even during lengthy cleaning sessions. The gallon sized water tank gives a longer cleaning time however the lack of an onboard heater means that the water may not stay hot as long as you would like it to but that is not enough to not recommend it for pet owners and non-pet owners alike.

Users of this machine should be warned that there is no way to stop the rotating power brushes while it is in use even when you are using the upholstery tool. This means that leaving it in one spot could cause damage as the brushes continue to spin. Be aware of where the base of the machine is at all times and do not allow it to be placed over cords or the ends of area rugs which can be caught up in the brushes.

  • Removes the toughest odors (even skunk).
  • 12 rows of rotating dirt lifting power brushes.
  • Upholstery tool.
  • Clean Shot lets you direct cleaning solution directly where you need it to be.
  • 1 gallon tank and 25 foot long cord.
  • Easy to clean the roller brush when you are finished, no tools required.
  • Does not have a heater.
  • Unit may leak.
  • Unit may lose suction over time especially if the brush roll is not cleaned out frequently.

The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full-Sized Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer with Anti-Bacterial Spot and Stain Remover (Model 1548)

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Model 1548Available in several bundled options with a wide range of cleaning products,sample sized cleaners and more, this is the machine for really deep cleaning carpets, rugs, area rugs, upholstery, drapes and stair ways. It has several cleaning modes to choose from including an Express Clean Mode which has the fastest drying time available. Most carpets will be dry within 1 hour depending on the amount of product that is used on them. Additional cleaning modes can also be selected based on the needs and level of stains. It should be noted that drying times are only estimates and can be impacted by a wide range of factors including the type of carpet, the weather conditions and even the humidity levels inside of the home.

Tools and More

The dual dirt lifter power brushes are meant to agitate and pull up dirt from beneath the surface of the carpet for a truly deep clean. Unlike the Max Clean Pet Pro, the ProHeat uses heat wave technology to help the water stay hotter for longer. Note: it does not heat the water so you must still start with hot water.

The main cleaning path is 11 inches wide while the spot cleaning tool is 3 inches wide.

The Specifics

The ProHeat is fairly light in weight, coming in at just 18 pounds. It has a 7 foot hose coupled with a 22 foot long power cord. The water tank holds 1 gallon of water at a time. This model is covered by a 3 year, limited warranty and comes with 2 shampoo samples.

Is this a recommended carpet cleaner?

Light enough to use frequently but powerful enough for really thorough, deep down cleaning this is a carpet cleaner/shampooer that is excellent for use in homes with or without pets. Even carpets that are surface level clean will benefit from the deeper cleaning ability here which does have the drawback of creating clogs that must be removed from the machine from time to time. Without removal, these clogs may cause a loss of suction and will make the machine less efficient over time and could cause the motor to fail sooner than it should. This is one of the few machines that offers actual anti-bacterial cleaning. Bacteria found in pet stains especially fecal matter can cause odors that may attract the pet back to the same spot over and over. Cleaning the stain is only one part of the process as organic material can seep down into the fibers of the carpet and to the padding underneath. The dual dirt lifter power brushes can agitate the fibers and get to this dirt below the surface.

  • Long cord and long hose coupled with a lightweight machine make this easy to use for most.
  • 1 gallon water tank and heat wave technology to help maintain steady water temperature.
  • Upholstery brush cleans furniture, drapes and stairways and can also be used to target treat stains.
  • Antibacterial cleaning eliminates odor directly at the source.
  • The unit may clog as it pulls out deeply embedded dirt, pet hair and other debris.
  • May leak. Leaking has been reported from moderate to fairly severe.


Both of the Bissell models listed here are good for both regular and deeper cleaning. For regular cleaning the edge may be with the Max Clean Pet Pro which has an easier to clean power roller brush system but for deeper cleaner the winner is the ProHeat 2x Revolution Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer. It not only gets deeper into the fibers of the carpet but also provides antibacterial cleaning to remove the actual source of most odors.

Both of these models are fairly light in weight (each weighs 18 pounds) and have many of the same features including the 1 gallon capacity water tank. Both have an upholstery tool for use on furniture, drapes and more. The Max Clean Pet Pro has the Clean Shot which allows you to direct your cleaning spray to a specific area with more accuracy while the ProHeat Upright does not have this. The ProHeat Upright has HeatWave technology which maintains water temperature but does not heat it while the Max Clean Pet Pro does not have this feature.

One of the biggest differences in these 2 models is the easy clean roller brush feature. Most people know that when hair, carpet fibers and loose strings wind around the brush roller it becomes a tedious task of removing dozens of tiny screws, removing a plastic face and then cutting the strings off before replacing all of the screws again. With the Max Clean Pet Pro, you simply lift off the protective cover and clean off the brush without needing to unscrew anything.

Either model may have some negatives as there is no machine that has achieved full perfection. With the Max Clean Pet Pro minor leaking is the chief complaint however there is also the important safety concern regarding the power brush roll. This part continues to spin even when the upholstery brush is being used which is not common and can lead to damage to carpets and rugs and even to bare flooring if it is left in the same spot for too long.

One of the biggest drawbacks for the ProHeat Upright is directly because of one of its main selling factors. The more powerfully it draws deep down dirt, the more likely it is that the unit will clog over time. Those clogs mean that the unit is working and will lessen over time unless they are ignored which may cause the unit to lose suction, overheat and eventually fail.

With 140 years in the floor care business, Bissell has a powerful reputation to uphold and stands by the performance of their machines. Either of these models would be a good addition to your family's cleanliness routine.

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