EcoRaider Bed Bug Spray Review

EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray Jug 16 Fl Oz reviewWhile travel is frequently blamed for bed bug infestations, hotels/motels are actually the third leading place they are found. Private homes are the number 1 location for bed bugs and the most common way of finding out that you have a problem is by being bitten. Oddly enough, some people are more susceptible to bed bug bites than others so two people can sleep in the same bed with only one waking up to itchy, red welts and the other largely untouched.

Prevention is one of the best steps in your defense system but when even careful preparation fails you, it is time to look for treatment options. There are several available options to consider including a professional exterminator, a cleaning company, harsh chemical spray and a more ecofriendly, safer for the family option like EcoRaider Bed Bug Spray. An exterminator is going to be very expensive and in most cases will require a long term contract to make sure that the bed bugs are really gone for good. A cleaning company will get the house clean but most are not even looking for bed bugs let alone being able to take care of them if they do find them.

Harsh chemicals can damage the furniture and materials that they are used on, can make the family sick and may not even be effective on the bed bugs as they grow tolerant to the chemicals over time.

EcoRaider has been study proven to be as effective or more effective than the harsh chemicals without any of the drawbacks.

What is EcoRaider Bed Bug Spray

EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray Jug 128 Fl Oz reviewEcoRaider Bed Bug Spray is a plant based spray made with a combination of plant oils and other compounds that work to disrupt one of the body processes in an invertebrate’s system. By blocking the message from a certain neuron in the bed bug, EcoRaider can lead to almost immediate paralysis and then death without resorting to unnatural compounds or chemicals that are just as harmful to humans and pets as they are to the bed bugs.

It is available in several sizes including a convenient, 2 fl. ounce size that is meant to be used for traveling. Larger sizes are available for use for treating/retreating the home.

EcoRaider Bed Bug Spray Kills at all Stages

The life cycle of a bed bug has 7 stages and can last as long as 4 months from start to finish. During her life time, a female bed bug can lay up to 300-500 eggs with those ready to start reproducing in mere days. Many bed bug treatments will only address certain stages of development. For instance, some sprays that kill on contact may kill visible adult bed bugs but will leave the hidden eggs untouched.

EcoRaider Bed Bug spray has a residual effect that can continue effectively controlling and killing bed bugs at all life stages for as long as 14 days after application even when dry.

How to Use EcoRaider Bed Bug Spray

EcoRaider Bed Bug Spray should be used as part of an overall treatment plan. Step one is prepping the area. This means removing the bed clothes, mattress covers and other items. It is important to not spread the bed bugs from one area to another so carry items from room to room in a heavy plastic bag. It is best to dispose of this bag outside of the home. Everything that can be placed in the dryer should be cycled through on the hottest temperature for a minimum of half an hour. Items that cannot be placed in the dryer should be treated with EcoRaider Bed Bug Spray in another way. One option is to place them in a heavy bag or plastic tote and then placing a cloth that has been saturated with EcoRaider spray inside. Leave this sealed for several days.

It is important to monitor for signs of bed bugs in this and additional areas and to respray every 2-3 weeks until there are zero signs of bed bugs.

How to Use EcoRaider Bed Bug Spray as a Travel Protection Method

The 2 ounce travel sized bottle of EcoRaider Bed Bug spray is suggested as a way of keeping bed bugs from coming back with you from hotels or other places. Spray the edges of the mattress, near the headboards and along the legs of the bed and other furniture in the room. Note: if you notice actual signs of bed bugs request a room change immediately and notify hotel management. Additionally, you should spray along the edges of your luggage making sure that you do not place your luggage directly on the ground if at all possible. If there is not a luggage rack in the room, use a table or spread out a clean towel before placing your luggage down.

Here you can choose the best steamer for bed bugs.

Is EcoRaider Bed Bug Spray a Recommended Product?

For people who want immediate results, EcoRaider Bed Bug Spray may be disappointing because while it may kill some of the visible adults fairly quickly, it does take time and effort to establish control over an infestation especially one that has already spiraled from one zone to most of the house.

It is important to note that using EcoRaider Bed Bug Spray is not a one time process but rather will need repeated treatments to get full control and to prevent re-infestation once all of the adults have been killed.

It is a natural, plant based formula with people either loving or hating the scent. While it is not harmful or toxic it is still advisable to use good ventilation when spraying.

  • Plant based formula.
  • Safe for use around children and pets.
  • Effective against all stages of a bed bug’s life cycle.
  • Should have control over the average infestation in 1 hour’s time.
  • Residual protection kills for up to 2 weeks even if the spray has dried completely.
  • Available in a small, personal size spray bottle that is perfect for traveling protection.
  • May not work as advertised in all situations.
  • Odor can be strong and offensive to some people.
  • May cause skin irritation to some people, especially people with sensitive skin.
  • Customer service may not be helpful with questions and concerns.


Bed bugs are more common than ever before and are found across the entire US, even in Alaska. It is important to know what you are looking for if you suspect bed bugs and then to take immediate action. It is equally important to know that treating for bed bugs is not a one time, quick fix but rather an ongoing process and it doesn't hurt to use a preventative treatment even after all signs of bed bugs are gone. For a treatment process that is going to be long term you will need to be sure that you are going to be able to stand to be in the room that is being treated. EcoRaider is safe to use around pets and children and can be used on mattresses without needing lengthy drying times or masks. If the odor does bother you, you can air out the room for several hours.

It cannot be stressed enough that one of the biggest mistakes that people make when treating for bed bugs is moving items from one room to another without using proper precautions. Have a good game plan and then stick to it so that you can keep the bugs contained to minimize the amount of work that you must do as well as the amount of spray you will need.

EcoRaider Bed Bug Spray can be used frequently and should be used in the ongoing treatment and prevention at intervals of every 2-3 weeks. Additional steps like laundering/drying bedding at high temps and caulking cracks along the floorboards are also highly advised. Continue to monitor the area after the last sign of bed bugs has been removed. Remember that while you are monitoring one area that the bed bugs may show up in a new spot and not necessarily because you missed one. Because they are so prevalent now, continuous monitoring is probably one of the best defenses that you can have. Don't use harmful chemicals that cause more damage to the environment than they do to the bugs they are supposed to kill when you can use a plant based spray with the same effectiveness.

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